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June 01, 2009



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That must have been fun!It's always exciting to see a rainbow and even more fun watching the child's reaction.

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I've been feeling a little sorry for myself lately - no particular reason, just in a funk


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Lets hope Bayern is going down. Maybe then they will buy some new players. van der Vart maybe

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très bon spot et je reviendrai la prochaine fois.

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You certaintly do have to remember to flush the funk when you get of or there will be a very funky surprise for the next person which will no doubt put them in a pretty sorry mood too!!


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Monday morning sucks!!!!((

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Completely agree, you need time to absorb a situation but only a certain amount before you need to take action!

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Nice post,I wouldnt be suprised if a social media campaign didnt do well in the corporate atmoshphere.

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