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May 21, 2009


Armand - CareerCooler

Great article. Nothing is more important than networking and volunteering, especially for entry-level jobs.

Ben Archer

It's nice to hear a proactive perspective rather than a keep your head down and survive. When the individuals at any level in the company all go into survival mode it will lead to stagnation. Maybe business is down or the economy is depressed. Now is the time to fix problems and grow, not hibernate! I would rather see a subordinate fail publicly while trying something innovative that might be positive than keep their head down and avoid notice.


your articles have reminded me a lots of things during the recession.

Thanks for it,
will prepare eventhough I'm living great.

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But lower prices hurt the businesses that furnish the goods and services, putting them at risk of going out of business or not making a profit. The result of either of these consequences is to put the jobs of their employees at risk and increasing the probability that they will be put out of work or have their wages reduced.

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To all people want to achieved in their goals. I just want to say that does your priority in life make something that will develop your career in plan and also organized your dreams by means of always look where you will start and you will find the ways.

Justin Lancomb

Well written article. Job searching is a challenge even with availability of new tools like social media and job sites. It's still going to be a challenge for a lot of people. For those of you searching, you may want to check out for careers.

Goodluck to all!

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Wonderful blog post,I will save it to favorites and let all my friends know about it. It's been a pleasure to read something like this.

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I would like to add these tips:

- Start a blog and write a few tidbits on your industry, even if they are simple "tumblog style" postings.

-Put it on or something close to it. Include a link to your resume.

-Make your email address and add it to your printed/online resume and email signature.

-Clean up your facebook and and old profiles you may have floating around out there. No typos or party pics.

Career Article

Recession is not definitely over yet, some good advice in the article. I did find very useful what was said about build your professional network through technology such as Linked In.

There is a good list of UK Job Sites that can be helpful:

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Thanks for this post. I couldn’t make it and this post has been useful.

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Regardless of the economy or job market I think it is always important to be proactive and stand out from the crowd.

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Describe the components of a successful career development program in the field of criminal justice.

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Good article! Apart from this, I suggest everyone to create their personal skill badge at to tell the world what they are good at and to get seen !


Very good article! Apart from this I suggest anyone to create a skillbadge to get seen!

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Is it worth taking a career development course in college as a freshman?

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The post was really informative and well written.Thankz for your thought.


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Absolutely amazing article to read...:)I definitely agree to the above mentioned points in ur article..Thanks for posting


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