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February 16, 2009


Ann Bares


I'm going to tuck my bit in right here-

1. Ann needs ... a spanking (yikes. no comment.)
2. Ann needs ... mittnz (I think this refers to winter hand covering, but maybe not?)
3. Ann needs ... help (no news there.)
4. (Dally) Ann needs ... your help (ok, a bit more directed.)
5. Debra Ann needs ... estate planning (apparently she is an attorney and needs is her last name.)

That's it !


This sounded so fun--except with a name like Memory, all that popped up was computer articles and ads. :( Oh well, I hope others have some fun with it!

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I am trying to do a project for school,about giant pandas.I go to google, I click a link, and it takes me someplace to buy a car. It shows me this sliver car. Is this happening to anybody else?
besides wiki, any good websites to research animals that a VERY VERY VERY strict teacher would be ok with?

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