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January 26, 2009



I think it is good advice. I wish I had heard it years ago. I was planning on staying home when/if I had children, but I don't think that will be the case.
As to her second point, I would turn that question around and ask you as an HR professional: Do you think standard titles are better? If you saw on someone's resume "Director of Organizational Change", would you think-"Oh boy I've got to call this person and schedule an interview right away!" Or would you wonder what it meant? Would it possibly be grounds for tossing that resume in the circular file (i.e. garbage)?

Julie Moore Rapacki

Hi, Peggy - Hope you are well. Speaking of that study, what ever happened to it? Did you write something? I was thinking of "Back to School" and wondering how yours has gone/went. Warm regards, julie 952-929-1722

Account Deleted

Its a good enough article to encourage women towards work.
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I planned on staying home with the kids when I had them. It worked for about three days after my daughter was born. Then the ICU bills and C-Section bills started rolling in and there was just no way to do it. I didn't give up staying at home. I started working from home. I had to. The experience has been great though.

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I venture to say that is why their faces smile up at us from glossy pages on a regular basis. And with these staples already in our closets, we’ll walk confident, knowing we’re already one timeless step ahead.


Would it possibly be grounds for tossing that resume in the circular file

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