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December 04, 2008


Mark McClure Coaching

A friend told me how one of her co-workers, 2 rows away, would IM her with a qs on a project they were both working on.

She answers... and then he sends another.... she answers...

These interruptions went on until she tired of watching the IM program pausing as his latest missive was being tapped out (she could almost hear the key strokes!)

Tactfully she wandered over and asked him to "let's have a quick meeting"... which sorted out the issues for that day.

Back in the stone age I used something we called a "telephone" for those quick calls where getting up from the desk was a chore but there were a bunch of minor details requiring feedback.

Thinking about it later we both concluded that he probably wanted an "electronic paper trail" of almost everything he did and asked for. Scary, eh!

GL Hoffman

Hello....I can't believe I have just discovered your blog. Very well done!
Like you, I am a career encourager too...awesome phrase, btw.
keep it up,

Minneapolis, MN

Ghazala Khan

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Jason Monastra

I really like that. This is one of the best subject matters to be discussed in today's ever going 24/7 business climate. I am sitting here thinking about my own office and the people that work here, all of us have smartphones of one sort or another. Do they really provide the advantage they were intended for?


Get rid of gadgets and lifehacks. Well. I do love them. But after I downsized, I found that I had a lot more time available for myself and my family... in real life

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Tactfully she wandered over and asked him to "let's have a quick meeting"... which sorted out the issues for that day

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