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November 17, 2008



I completely agree that society has become obsessed with extreme success in all its forms. There are many "reality" shows that are so completely stupid (in my mind) that perpetuate this "Everything has to be a big deal!" mentality. No. It doesn't. I'm trying to enjoy the little things. If I am the only one to notice and cheer myself on, then so be it. I'd hate to be a kid growing up surrounded by all this!
I love all the steps of your plan. Great advice! You go for it Career Encourager!


My husband once suggested I be "intellectually dimmer." Basically, stop thinking so much. We are our own worst enemies. I do not have anything to add to the list but would highlight spending time with encouragers and when they tell you you are doing great - believe them. Jackie Cameron has a great post at Consult Cameron about taking a long time to be an overnight success that is really great. There are so many starts, stops and setbacks to achievements - unfortunately more people are not willing to share that behind the scenes look in favor of the glossy approach. Ah, I have one kid and one school and am challenged so you are that far ahead of me :) Oh, Jackie also linked to a great coaching post yesterday about good things being difficult. I sent it to work and will be keeping this one close by myself. Hang in there!

Ann Bares

Great post and a great list. I wonder if part of the fear of mediocrity comes from our unreasonable and unrealistic definitions of success (i.e., as promoted through mommy and business porn). Why can't we see the simple act of bringing a measure of good into the world every day - through career encouragement, for example - as a shining success? Maybe our standards are just way off?!


You are tagged at Play if you like!

Karl Staib - Work Happy Now

I put myself in the afraid of being mediocre column too. I want to set the world on fire with helping people work happy. Sometimes I get upset that I'm not further ahead, but then I remind myself that I'm taking those small steps and they are already paying off.

Great post! I really have to make sure that every little thing I do helps out my larger goals.

Jason Monastra

Great post. Solid. To understand the struggles that are internal that keep success from your career is a large step forward. Most people do not investigate themselves enough to know what makes the successful or not. Nice writing.

Karl Staib - Work Happy Now

We must spend time with people that will help us fulfill our greatness. If we hang out with low life people then we will compare ourselves to them and live like them. If we hang out with intelligent and loving people that is the life we will cultivate for ourselves.

I try to call or spend time with people who are positive and push me to think in new directions. It works. I always get a boost of creativity and take my career to a new level.

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