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September 19, 2008



Almost everyone finds it difficult to choose the right profession, and it can be even more difficult to find help that isn’t vague and general. The stakes are high; find the career path that suits your personality and interests, or risk landing among the 45% of all college students who drop out or fail out. At, you get substantive advice on the careers you are most compatible with, based on a comparison of your attributes to those of actual top performers in a variety of fields. Rather than presenting students with a list of job titles that may or may not interest them, SmartHire’s career match tool helps students understand how their strengths translate into opportunities! Read more at


I'm familiar with personality tests to help you choose a career, but using a color preference test for this purpose is a new one on me! It pegged me as a Creator/Researcher, which actually seemed pretty accurate, although there wasn't a lot of specific information. For big career decisions I think I'll stick to the Myers Briggs!


That's an interesting concept to see if colors can tell you what kind of career you should have. Maybe someday if the concept is proven to give real results it can be used by a PEO to administer as part of pre-employment testing.

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well done, I lik ethis kind of tests and I really do follow them. Iam pretty sure, they will push me to choose the right

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