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July 03, 2008


Ask a Manager

I also love that Tina thought she could just "announce" that she'd be taking two weeks of vacation, starting right now. Jeez.

Ann Bares

Peggy, what a great post. Am immediately forwarding to my son, who starts a summer internship on Monday, and who (God willing) will find and start his first "real" job after finishing college this coming spring. Thanks!

Jackie Cameron

Peggy - this is just wonderful!
Anybody - young or old - should focus on building relationships at's funny how often that they either overlook doing this or just don't feel the need.
And as we all know - it's not so much what we know than who we know ...

Aaron @ Effortless HR Blog


You can feel free to remove this comment, I was just wondering if you would mind adding my blog to your "Links to Great Sites" blogroll? Love your work and the encouragement! Thanks - Aaron


As a newly employed person, number 2 really hits home with me. I was finally able to sit down with my boss and team and get an overview of what tasks we do by each month/season. It definitely takes time to learn a new job. Several tasks truly are seasonal. Thanks for the great advice!

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I think that the best advice is accepting the fact that it's going to be hard. If you are not used to work, it can be difficult to manage receiving orders from your authorities!


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