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May 30, 2008



What a kind way to describe what others might perceive negatively and get themselves into a lather about! Perhaps the man meant he didn't think they'd grow next year--not realizing the difference between annuals and perennials.
I had to toss almost all the flowers that I had tried to grow indoors (before planting outside). They grew, but only a little. I thanked them for the learning opportunities they provided as I tossed them. But I wanted flowers on my patio--so I bought already grown and hardened flowers and planted them. Hopefully the 4 or 5 pots of flowers will grow for a little while this season. But the lesson learned--maybe the original flowers didn't grow--but I planted more flowers! That's the real lesson!

Eric Pennington

Sometimes, maybe most times for the stranger in your story, people forget that life is lived in the journey. It's not in the outcomes.

Was it really about flowers growing successfully or was it about the time spent with DH?

If that stranger spent most of his days looking for certain outcomes (promotions, love, happiness, money, etc.) and found them elusive (which can happen as we all know), I would understand why the cynicism and bitterness.


If the guy was smiling, I'd call it an inept attempt at making a joke. Otherwise, he sounds mostly like a straight-up nut. Reminded me just a little of the lady I once came upon while walking on my street. She looked at me, smiled brightly and said

"Would you like a cabbage??"

Jackie Cameron

I have planted out my garden with pride this spring and have a lovely show of colour and plants randomly dotted in the space. No planning - but great result ( which in business terms is a risky tactic!). If I am out at my car people passing by comment on it. It makes me feel great.
Wait til he passes again when your flowers are in full bloom and see his reaction...if he wanders your way again of course.
Maybe he is not used to feeling great and doesn't know how to support others. Or maybe he is just the sort of toxic presence many of us encounter from time to time.It is how we respond to them that makes the difference!


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