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May 02, 2008


Job Search Engines

Not quite sure how you would go about asking for this. Seems like you would get some funny looks from people

Career Encourager

I agree that this is a hard one. I think my second to last bullet is a good idea - to ask the questions along the way. I.e., when meeting with a potential peer, ask "What do you like best about working for Judie? How does she deliver feedback?" Etc. If you are not asked to interview with peers, I think it is perfectly okay to say, "I am really intrigued and appreciate your interest in making an offer. It would help me in my decision making process if I could talk to some of the people who are going to be my peers in this role..." If they resist, I would suggest that's a bad sign!

Eric Pennington

Great advice! I did a radio show ( last Friday with Asher Adelman of Asher and I talked about the same concept...among other things to insure a good match.

If more people did ask for the type of information you noted, it would become a movement. And change would follow accordingly.

It does require courage, though.

Derek Rosenstrauch

There is alot of pessimistic views out there having to do with career change and job hunting. I personally believe that an individual needs to keep their interviewing skills high when an opportunity presents itself. I found some good information on interview questions that really takes the edge off when your time has come.


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