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March 07, 2008


Working Girl

Anyway, how good is it to base a life change and/or job search on a negative thought---that you don't want to work in an office anymore?

Better to figure out what you do want, as opposed to what you don't (though that can be a part of it), and then build on that.

What do you think?!


Yes: I liked his reminder that "Work from home" is not a job title (any more than "Work from an Office!" is. "Hello. I'm Almostgotit. I work from an office. And what do YOU do??" Tee hee!)

It's so hard just to use our heads, sometimes. Three year olds play "going to the office" and also expect people to give them cookies for no good reason. Eventually, most of us stop living that vague (if delightful) economy, however.

A job which requires no resume, no skills -- and no demonstration, even, of the ability or willingness to acquire skills, is extremely unlikely.

Moreover, it's also hard not to let our own secret senses of entitlement (or just naked greed) get in our way. E.G: things that look too good to be true generally *are* too good to be true. While it would be wonderful to (a)suddenly be chosen as heir by a deposed Nigerian prince, (b) be selected by the universe to win the lottery jackpot in defiance of all mathematical odds, OR (c)
to have someone out of magical nowhere offer one large amounts of money for doing hardly anything, that's just not the way the adult world works.

Damitol, anyway, though! :)

Anita Bruzzese

The Federal Trade Commission ( and the Better Business Bureau ( both have excellent suggestions for avoiding work at home scams and how to check out potential employers and find out if they're on the up and up.
Anita Bruzzese


While exiting, remember it takes hard work.

- Avoid any offer that promises you’ll make a lot of money for very little work.
- Don’t rely on a money-back guarantee. Con artists rarely give money back.
- Be wary of testimonials or endorsements.
- See if the Better Business Bureau has a Reliability Report on the company.
- Never give a credit card, debit card or checking account number to any person or company that promises employment. If they wantyou to pay them it’s a scam!
- Keep a positive attitude. You are likely to fail a few times before you learn the ropes.

A comprehensive list can be found here:

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