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January 30, 2008


Ask a Manager

What a great post. I blogged a while ago about some of the angry, self-righteous emails I've received from candidates about rejecting them. I wish they could read your post!

Jackie Cameron

Oh Peggy I love this post! Sounds like you had a narrow escape. I am just wondering how making this comparison - and writing about it - first came into your mind .


Jackie -

Thanks for your comment! I think the comparison came to mind because I have a tendancy to relate just about everything to career development. Overall, I think it is just a good life skill to not get overly invested in a person, company or situation that doesn't seem as invested in you in return (pre-teens excluded of course!). Life seems to go smoother when we allow ourselves to expect mutual effort on both sides.

~ Career Encourager


Yea! Let's hear it for non-sarcastic men! You have a great point--it's much easier to handle a break up or not receiving a job offer if you realize that you aren't a good match from both perspectives. A humorous post with great insight!


just a good life skill to not get overly invested in a person

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