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September 15, 2007


HR Wench

Great post. I agree with you for 99% of the HR jobs I have had that involve recruiting. However, when unemployment is way down and you are trying to find someone to work in a warehouse for $9/hour you can forgive a lot!! :)
That being said, I will never forget the time I called a candidate and her son answered. I said "Hi is Sally (or whatever her name was) there please?" he drops the phone and screams "MOM THERE'S A WHITE WOMAN ON THE PHONE!!!" My jaw hit the floor. It was hilarious.

Career Search

Thanks, I really appreciate your willingness to help out. I will definitely keep you posted!

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Well, yes. I have had the experience of hiring people and first I have to interview them by telephone. It is important and vital, because in those cases, that interview is THE FIRST IMPRESSION.


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