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September 11, 2007



I am currently in a situation with a project manager that I am reporting to. This person is a true micro-managing office bully, but brilliant at getting the project completed on time and within the budget.

The upside for me is that I am learning to separate the good skills this person has from the obnoxious behaviors I don't wish to emulate. I have learned not to react emotionally to this person's petty demands and outbursts (which I know irritates them to no end - so there is a little personal satisifaction). But I am also learning important skills about how this individual is successful on the project side.

One thing I know for sure, the obnoxious personality traits are not winning any points with our client. Hopefully, if I am patient and learn what lessions I need to, both positive an negative from this person, I will move on and surpass them shortly.


Building on Kay's comment, I'm fairly confident that if one learns to deal with difficult people patiently, it's quite likely that one *will* move on and surpass them shortly. Then the interesting, NEXT problem becomes: when must all the long-suffering patience and tolerance one has learned to do so well as an underling give way to the decisive leadership that sometime means saying "NO" and/or "ENOUGH"? (I know. Not such an awful problem to contemplate from the trenches, is it? But it's likely to come eventually, as one is promoted. As my favorite management guru Peter Drucker suggests, it often takes different skills to get a job (e.g., a promotion) than it takes to do one!

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