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June 14, 2007


Terrie Wheeler

My Dear Peggy, It was my technical support person who found your very kind words online. I so appreciate the time you took to add a snipet about me and my coaching work to your blog. What an amazing resource you have amassed for visitors. YOU have always been inspiring to me, Peggy, and I hope we can have lunch together this summer!

Cara Fletcher

Starting a new business can be a challenge and it's good to have people to take example from.Like in your case.This can help you to find new ideas for your business.

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starting a new business is like a child. and if you have one at home too. You sometimes get stucked between them. But believe me it is a really hard job to work on both of them. Anyway, bot of them you cant let go. And sometimes when you get stuck at business, you come home and look at his/her eyes who is waiting tyou to play with, then all clear. Your energy is full :) I can gamble on it. No man can do both of them at the same time

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Thank you so worked this information you gave to my friend

Kathryn McDwell

Wow. Terrie Wheeler's amazing! I've been looking for some tips on how to start a business in the internet when I landed in this post. I was expecting a lot of marketing strategy tips and tricks. I've seen some inspirational stuff from people who have built a company from scratch, but this has got to be one of the most amazing business success stories I've read. I'll follow her footsteps when I start my business here in Tennessee!

Javis Lounsbury

It's amazing how she was able to do all those things. It must have been hard but good for her. It's amazing how she planned things ahead to reach the point where she is now. Starting business owners will find her as an inspiration for a successful business owner.

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