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June 30, 2007


Scott McArthur

Nice to see some really important and much ignored issues being discussed.

I call these early interactions "polish your shoes" which covers handshakes, small talk, the room, the walls, personality type etc. etc. Say to anyone when was the last time you polished their shoes then explain what it really means and you will be amazed at the impact you can have.

Great blog.

Johnben Loy

Caveat: These are appropriate suggestions for Westernized business cultures only! Be prepared to encounter significantly different styles when interacting cross-culturally, even within the US of A!

Jonben -
Thanks for raising an excellent point! If you have any resources on cross-cultural business etiquette to share with our readers, feel free to send to me to post, or post on your blog and I will link.

Derek Rosenstrauch

There is alot of pessimistic views out there having to do with career change and job hunting. I personally believe that an individual needs to keep their interviewing skills high when an opportunity presents itself. I found some good information on interview questions that really takes the edge off when your time has come.


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