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March 27, 2007


Johnben Loy

My twist on the undershirt thing: if it's dry, go without, if it's humid, put it on. Many men in Malaysia wear undershirts because it is so humid there.

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Great post! I enjoyed reading every bit! Keep it up!

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i like this part of the blog:"I just love it when spring comes to Minnesota! The sunshine and warmer temperatures seem to put everyone in a good mood. People are no longer huddled up against the cold and rushing for their bus or car - they have time to stroll at a slower pace, give eye contact, and smile more. The parkas and sweaters go into storage for a few months and out come the summer clothes. And this my dear colleagues is the time of year when we need to take an honest inventory of what we are wearing to work." is very good

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Why aren't men allowed to wear a nice pair of sandals? During the hot summer months I enjoy walking around with my sandals even to work. But I'll never be caught wearing socks underneath :)

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I think that the dress depends especially on the type of job that you have. Sometimes, I see some guys in the front of the building where I work, and they just seem so informal, even though they work in very formal jobs.

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This is an interesting article. Wish I had read this sooner. Thanks for sharing.



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For example, I entered a workplace that was a hotbed of hostile

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As someone about to enter the "real world" I found this post extremely helpful. The place I will be working at is very laid back and allow us to work in a very casual atmosphere. The hardest part for me will be having to wear something other than flip flops, which is a main staple in my closet. Other than that I look forward to starting the next chapter of my life. Again, thanks for the great insight!

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