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December 23, 2006



A story that sounds familiar to me, I had a similar problem two years ago, but then the Data Recovery was even more expensive than it is now! In some way you are lucky!

Slyter Tram

If you're looking for fast and affordable computer repair in the Minnesota area, check out Austin's Computers. I had a terrible problem with recovering my files and he was able to help me out. In the end it cost me less than $100 and I was able to get basically everything I needed.

Staci Burruel

Having a plan B is important. It's going to act as a safety net if (knock on wood) you're going to fail in your current endeavor. Being focused on one thing's good, but you can never be too sure about that one thing's success. Even if the chances of failure are negligible (like 0.0000001%), that still isn't zero.

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