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April 02, 2008


Eric Pennington

Timely post-at least for my thinking.

As a man who has assumed much of the care for our two children (8 & 6), I have a unique perspective. I assumed this role when I started my consulting business. Since I was a start-up, my wife resumed her career and I took over things like cooking, cleaning and getting the kids to school. Obviously, there are times where our roles switch back and forth. But we agreed that I would take on the lion's share.

My biggest awakening came in the form of remembering how I took my wife for granted all the years I was a corporate executive (code for slave). This came to me when I found myself looking for my family to notice, if not verbally appreciate, the job I was doing as a caregiver.

It occurred to me that in all the time I was pursuing my career, I rarely considered the tough and unsung job my wife was doing. I just thought it was her job. With regret, I now understand in ways I never could have if it were not for the change in our circumstances.

Unfortunately, there is a great danger for many men in taking their wives for granted. I almost think employers should make it manadatory for men to walk a mile in the shoes of a working or non-working mother (sorry for the terminology). It would breed a level of humility that would benefit the organization.

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