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November 01, 2007


Social Media Guy

Great post! I'm a recent college grad and was one of the first out of my friends to get a job. I am regarded by my peers as a bit of an expert in Resume writing and self-branding...I've made about 5 resumes for my friends and they've all landed them jobs. Anyway, is there a way for me to get in contact with you via e-mail? I represent a company that is looking to raise awareness of its corporate culture and would love your feedback.

Thanks :)

HR Wench

As always, excellent advice. It never ceases to amaze me when people send in 3 to 4 page resumes with a whole lot of nothing related to the job on them! I've even received resumes with pictures of family cook outs. No joke!


Thanks for the link! I've been recouperating from emergency surgery recently, so blogging has fallen by the wayside, but your post is a great reminder of why I wanted to write a blog in the first place.

Account Deleted

As a job seeker I can say its a very good link for us. we should know how to write a good resume,in which job portal we should register where we can get best result.
Because now a days there are many job portals available in the market.I heard about a job portal I think it will help us more then other portals. Because its for only female job seekers.

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