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August 10, 2007



Thank-you for voicing what I have tried to say so many times! I work and I sometimes believe being at home would be the best thing but this is not my reality. The fact is in my world (didnt marry wealthy) it takes both my husband and my income to give us the life we desire and trust me it does not include many Lattes and certainly no pedicures, at best an occasional coffee from Mcdonalds is as fancy as the extras get! I resent the way some folks tend to generalize the whole subject. As you pointed out there is no right or wrong. It comes down to what works for each individual family. If two parents working is the best way to provide a stable, safe and happy living enviroment for your children then you simply do what you have to do and your children are no less loved, adjusted or secure than a child who has a parent at home all day. I believe it is your parenting that makes the real difference and staying at home or going to work has no real bearing on what type of parent you are to your children, that comes from within yourself.


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I prefer it that way, spending time with my family and guiding my kids.


comes down to what works for each individual family. If two parents working is

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